Lucius Leon Worang and Hocky Eka Santha
"Where Time, Art and Passion Meet"

First of all, we would like to welcome you to Lucius & Ki, the home of Indonesia’s premium Timepiece manufacturer. Here at Lucius & Ki, where time, art and passion meet, we are devoted to work at our very best delivering the true value of luxury. You can expect more than merely time telling device from us, it is the slice of character, personality and emotion you will be getting from each and every single one of our Timepiece.

Lucius & Ki believe that a manufacturer should develop a close relationship with its products. That is why we decided to handcraft our Timepieces not mass-produce.

We hope you enjoy our Timepieces as much as we enjoy crafting them.

Best Regards,

Hocky E Santha Lucius L Worang
Hocky Eka Santha Lucius Leon Worang